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  • Beauty Idea Diary Gold Q10 Bird's Nest Polypetide Collagen Eye Mask

Beauty Idea Diary Gold Q10 Bird's Nest Polypetide Collagen Eye Mask


Product Description

With added precious gold and Q10 Hwan wake skin, the use of gold ions interact with ion balance on the skin, can maintain healthy skin and improve skin against environmental damage protection force, to maintain skin elasticity, making skin shiny, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, prevent aging. With five peptides with six peptides, combined with the bird's nest, marine collagen peptides that contain a multi-component, collagen for joint action, the full light pattern aging, fine lines and improvement have been effective in preventing the formation of the skin to maintain smooth and supple the meticulous. In particular trehalose, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, squalene, Ceramide, Aloe Vera extract and other precious Body composition, then the effect of peptides to repair the same time, once to solve the problem of aging skin. Continued use can make skin elasticity and firmness to maintain soft and smooth, allowing you to re-experience the delicate young skin radiance.

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