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  • Lioele AC Control Foam Cleanser 150ml

Lioele AC Control Foam Cleanser 150ml


Product Description

Lioele A.C. Control is a special skin care line for sensitive and acne prone skin. It has patented formula (MSM: vegetable sulfur, phyto soothing 5 types of flower extracts, sodium hyaluronate and vitamins) that moisturizes while protecting the skin from UV rays and harmful environmental factors. Skin-friendly ingredients such as salicylic acid, houttuynia cordata extract, portulaca oleracea extract and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) care for skin troubles, soothe stressed skin, moisturize and control pores and excess sebum secretion.The Lioele Acne Control Foam Cleanser effectively washes away excess dirt, oil and lifts away dead skin cells and impurities to clear dark acne blemishes easily. It has minimal alcohol and does not dry out the skin. Foam made from flower extracts help gently lift acne-causing bacteria and keeps pores from clogging. It controls excessive sebum secretion and helps to unclog pores to prevent further future breakouts.

How to use
To use this skin care line, first use the (1) AC Foam Cleanser or AC Mousse Cleanser to take off any extra makeup residue and particulate mattersfrom the face. Dispense a dime-size amount into wet palm andlather for about 20-30 seconds. Then massage all over the face for one to twominutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat the skin dry. Then, dispense a dime-size amount of the (2) AC Toner, amist, onto a cotton pad and wipe from center of face outwards to remove anyextra dirt, residue, etc. Do not rinse off, but allow the toner to dry on theface. Third, use a hazelnut-sized amount of (3) AC Lotion and gently apply overthe entire face or apply to the very dry areas of the face. Afterwards, lightlypat over the face for efficient absorption



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