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  • Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream 75ml + Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream 25 ml
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MIZON All In One Snail Repair Cream 75ml + MIZON Snail Repair Eye Cream 25 ml


Product Description

[MIZON All In One Snail Repair Cream 75ml]
92% of snail extracts repairs fine scars from skin troubles and wrinkles.
Various plant extracts help skin to keep healthy by rich moisturizing, nourishing, and protecting skin.
Snail Slime’s Surprising Regeneration!
1. Regenerate your skin, the same way snails regenerate their own shell!
The benefit to humans was discovered after workers in a snail farm found that the skin
of their hands was baby soft after handling the snails all day.
Therefore it’s obvious that what restores a snails shell can have equally astounding reaction on human skin.
2. What is snail slime extract?
Snail slime is a source of copper peptides.
Most of the research on copper peptides relates to wound healing and there is a large base
of evidence that the same magical effects can repair wrinkles.

Recommended For : Acne scars / Sensitive and tired skin due to environmental factors
Skin pores losing elasticity / Uneven dark skin tone
Irritated skin from shaving or skin clinic procedures
Increasing fine wrinkles from losing moisture and elasticity
How to use
Apply a proper amount to face. Rub and pat gently for complete absorption.

[Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream 25 ml]
Excellent Skin Recovery Effect [Filtered Snail Slime 80%]
Mucin, known for snail slime, has outstanding skin recovery effect. This ingredient restores skin swiftly and delivers various active ingredients deep in skin to reinforce skin’s own re-productivity.
Containing E.G.F
E.G.F is a cell component which decreases starting from age 25, and this proceeds skin aging.
Snail repair eye cream containing E.G.F helps eye skin maintain elastic and bright.
From Fine Wrinkles to Deep Wrinkles – Certified for Anti-Aging [Adenosin]
KFDA announced Wrinkle - free ingredient, Adenosin, and ingredient particularly famous for wrinkle relief, Peptide, effectively improve wrinkles.
Dark Circle Care - Certified for Whitening [Niacinamide]
Skin layer of eye is very thin. When darkening starts, dark shadow appears remarkably.
Niacinamide contained in Snail Repair Eye Cream is an announced factor for whitening, controls melanin produce around eye skin to make your skin bright and shiny.
How to Use
At Base, take appropriate amount with spatula, spread tapping light


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