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Strawberrycoco Beauty Lab | Nature Tree Plus+ Moisture Essence

Posted by Jolin on

Look what I recently discovered! Nature Tree Plus+ Moisture Essence. A must try essence from Taiwan brand called Nature Tree. It may not be as popular as other Korean or Taiwan skincare brand but it definitely getting very popular now so I thought I would introduce to you guys! At first it was often used in beauty salon but now getting more and more people using it in Taiwan and have very good review.

It have pretty high CP value because it comes in a big bottle 250ml. This moisture essence Improve dry skin, rough, dull, fine lines, oil and water imbalance five issues! Nature Tree concentrated moisturizing essence especially for delicate skin , innovative moisturizing ingredients can penetrate the skin while providing moisturizing factor, firm skin moist and soft skin!

How to Use ? There are 4 ways you can use with this essence

1.After toner step of skincare in the morning and night time , take 2 to 3 drops onto whole face and massage to absorb,gently massage the face and neck , and then take the right amount to pulp pat dry areas.

2.You can mix it with lotion or cream emulsion, increasing the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle skin care products

3.Get a mask paper and use it as daily moisture mask

4.Use it with cotton pad to improve fine lines or wrinkles.

Other than this moisture essence, it also comes with two other types.

Plus+ Whitening Essence and Plus+ Antiwrinkle Essence. You can use all 3 with 4 different methods i mentioned above. 

Nature Tree concentrated whitening essence, skin-friendly with hyaluronic acid, Morus alba extract, aloe vera gel and other excellent moisturizing ingredients, plenty of moisture to the skin moisturizing, skin becomes supple, white, translucent. Add the Department of Health approved effective whitening ingredient - vitamin C and ellagic acid sugar Gan, comprehensive inhibit melanin;. And use the Mulberry extract, aloe vera gel, horse chestnut extract, repair and soothe the skin to skin clean, transparent white effect. So dry skin, accumulation of dead skin cells to improve the situation of all, stay healthy white muscle. The fair also to increase, repair, and also improve dry dull, showing white hydrogel muscle. Adding new innovative formula - Pea extract - can make the skin becomes more and more clear gloss. while Nature Tree Wrinkle Concentrate liquid to repair aging skin!

They are now all available at Strawberrycoco! Try it to see the result yourself !

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