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THE FACE SHOP Kakao Friends Collection

Posted by Annie on

Aww, It's another limited edition collection in collaboration with KaoKao Talk from korean brand - THE FACE SHOP and it's just another cute design I cant resist! I am sure this collection is going to be popular just like the other popular collection from Missh Line friends. I am going to introduce full collection today which includes, sunscreen products, perfumes , sheet masks, hand creams and more!



Natural Sun Eco Body & Family Mild Sun Milk

Natural Sun Eco No Shine Hydrating Sun Cream

Natural Sun Eco Photogenic Sun Blur

Natural Sun Eco Baby Mild Sun

Natural Sun Eco Baby Sun Cushion (this is on my to try list)

Character Mask Kakao Friends Set

Character mask sheet with Hyaluronic acid and Collagen. It comes with 5 types.

#1 MUZI :Soothing, #2 FRODO :Intensive Moisturizing, #3 NEO :Elastic charge, #4 APEACH :Water charges, #5 TUBE : Brightening

Kakao Friends Hand Cream 

Moisturizing hand cream comes with 5 types.  

Kakao Friends Concealer Dual Veil

The dual concealer makes blemished skin look flawless, it comes in 4 colors for different skin tone.

Kakao Friends Melting Color Lip Creamer

Coloured lip balm melts onto your lips for a sooth coat of moisturizing colour , it comes in 5 colors!

Kakao Friends Perfume

Check out the cute commercial! 

What do you think of this cute collection? Check them out at before they runs out!

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